Where Are You From?

I have one word for you: Analytics. That's right. Google analytics. I use this as a way to track the traffic on my blog; to gather stats. Why you ask? I think it's my ego, nothing more. I want to know if people are reading my blog, where you are coming from, what kind of computer you have, which browsers you use....

Ok, don't worry. I don't know you. I don't know your name, nor your address, and I have no personal information about you. None of that.

Here's what I know:

In the past 30 days, I have had over 1200 people visit my blog. Some of you are from the US, some are from across the pond. For instance, I have had 1065 people from the US, 28 from Canada, 25 from Turkey, 17 from Switzerland (my relatives I assume... Hi Christiana!), 14 from the UK... I have visitors from Australia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Croatia, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa and Hungary. That's so cool! Of those 1200 visitors, 800 are returning while 400 were new. Most of you guys are on a Windows machine while at least 400 of you this past month viewed the blog on a Mac. You're finding your way to my blog via other sites that link to me. Some of you actually type in my URL into the browser window. Most of you use Firefox, some are still on IE. (If you are using IE, might I suggest you try Firefox or Google Chrome? IE is an old browser and you wont be able to experience the web fully since it doesn't support many of the newer programming features used today.)

My most visited page has nothing much to do with me and my little Peanut. The page that has the most hits is my Chocolate Zucchini Muffins page. Had I known they'd be so popular, I'd have charged for the recipe. ;) Those of you who visit that page may not ever see the most recent posts. Altho my stats tell me that most visitors read more than one page per visit.

And here's another very fun fact. Most of you visit my blog during the week... Monday thru Friday during regular business hours. But never on the weekends. Which tells me two things: A.) You are reading my blog while you're at work and B.) You are busy living your life on the weekends, which is how it should be! :)

You see? Google Analytics is pretty cool. And it's free. I check it often. When I redesign the site, it will come in quite handy. I have a good idea of what will work on the platforms you are viewing my site in.

If any of this is too boring for you, just know that I thank you for visiting Raising Peanut. If you want to drop me a line to let me know where you are from personally, that would be cool! I'm glad you're here, I'm glad you're coming back (many of you) and I'm grateful to know you're journeying along with me. I'm definitely not alone!


  1. Hi Andrea! My name is See and I used to work at CSM Children's School where I worked with Oliver from time to time. I moved to Chicago in the end of May. I remember when you came in with Oliver once and you told us that you have a blog where you post up a lot of pictures of Oliver and I came home and I found your blog and I was excited to see a child that I work with mostly everyday online :) I like to read your blog once in a while to see how fast Oliver has grown! I remember when he just moved into Teddies and Christy and I would always call him a teddy bear because he was so cute! Anyways, I'm sorry to hear about you and Matt, I do hope that things will get beter! Hope to hear from you soon :)

  2. all i have to say is WOW its kind of scary (but fun.. u know what i mean) that a simple click over to your page can tell you THAT much info about everyone!!!!! :-O I'm def a returning visitor because i miss my lil oliver and his cuteness and funness and i love your writing :) xoox megs

  3. ooo my goodness!!! this sounds sooo cool! arg, i wonder how many hits i got, lol. nothing close to you im sure. you are amazing!

  4. i got here by way of another blog, I am sticking around as your story unfolds. I also happen to have a son roundabout Oliver's age. I think of you often, and am amazed at how you are unfolding and growing.

  5. I checked out your blog because you commented on my blog. How did you find my blog?


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