Prayers for Alex and the Scoop on the Homefront

We've been busy. My sister is in town for the weekend. My Pops (sometimes called Popsicle because he's just O-So-Cool) is having surgery on Monday, and so we are all heading to the hospital Monday morning. My Pops is having a stent put in which can be a somewhat simple procedure. They are hoping it will work to remove / open up a blockage in his arteries, but they have some concerns that it wont work which then means that he'll have to have more aggressive surgery, possibly that same day! We are hoping it wont go in that direction, so any prayers for Alex would be greatly appreciated.

In any case, we've been keeping busy. Last week we saw my Pops, and Oliver got to ride on the riding mower (pre-haircut days).

Grampa and OliverGrampa and Oliver

Grampa and Oliver

Of course, shortly thereafter Oliver came home with a new doo....

new hair cut

Friday couldn't have been more perfect. First of all, need I remind you I have Friday's off work for the summer. So.... We started the day with a nourishing, organic breakfast. Eggs with cheese and potatoes, Neuske's Applewood Smoked Bacon (no nitrates!), fresh fruit and delicious OJ. Alterra coffee for me of course. Then off to the local shopping center where there is a wonderful fountain pad where the children are allowed to roam free and soak up the water and sun while their bon vivants make calls on their cell phones and sip premium beverages. My sister and I met my girlfriend Deb there with her two gals, Megan and Melissa. More Alterra coffee was served, of course.

Here's the threesome: Oliver, Melissa and Megan.

But Oliver and Megan were inseparable... Oliver loves older kids, especially older women, much like his father did at one time. ;)

Oliver and Megan

Megan and Oliver


Oliver laying down - Megan

Oliver and Megan

Saturday night my family got together for dinner in the home town where I grew up.

purple carrot juice -cropt

I can't tell you how many times as a young girl I walked, ran, rode my bike down this sidewalk. It's really wonderful to see my son walking (and playing) on this same street.

milwaukee avenue

Oliver on my street

And this seems like an appropriate place to end this post.

My father and my little boy, walking down this very special street... Please keep my Pops in your prayers. Tomorrow (today if you're reading this on Monday) we will all be at the hospital. Thanks!



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