Pops is Doing Well

Just a quick update to let you know that my father is in recovery. They did not have to put a stent in. We are awaiting further results.

Thanks for your prayers!

9:30 pm .... We will know more this Wednesday whether my Pops needs a new valve ... meaning he will need open heart surgery. His take on it, as he is 82 years young, is that he wants to live another 10 - 20 years! So, he is up for whatever surgery they would recommend. He says he wants to watch Oliver graduate from high school, so that means he'll need to live another 16 years at least! He is in love with that boy, and Oliver adores his grandfather. I get to watch my father love unconditionally another sweet soul. I know my father loves me as well, but it's especially incredible to watch him love my very own child. It makes my heart sing and I must say, this is one of the greatest joys of my life. He is gentle, patient, watchful, worrisome and kind to my little child. He adores Oliver.

My father is a very active man. He has worked out at the gym for years. He goes to the Y daily, sometimes twice a day! He has the heart of a man 20 years younger, but I guess parts of it are wearing thin. I just hope and pray that he gets to hang around a long time more. Oliver feels my dad's unconditional love, something that is truly a rare thing here on Earth.


  1. oh hon, sorry ive been out of it. getting over a hump >.< i wish all is well with you. ive missed you lots. seems like youve had quite a lot to deal with lately. i hope your dad recovers well. your photos are beautiful!!!


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