OMG, Am I Sore!

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This post (pun intended) is a preview of my new series of posts that I'll be writing on RaisingPeanut. I wont say much now, but like I mentioned earlier, if you have kids under the age of 18 who might be reading my blog, there will be a few posts on here that you may want to assert your parental controls on.

Now, it's true, this blog is really for the benefit of my child. It's his virtual baby book so-to-speak, so I wont be putting anything in here that I would not want him to read some day down the road.

As well, know that I am probably a bit more prudish than y'all might think, so my level of what I think isn't OK may be different from yours.

The new series of posts that I will be writing have more to do with me taking care of myself physically than anything else, although I will talk about the emotional and spiritual parts of this as well. I have been on a journey, long before my husband left, to stop dressing like a “mom.” When I say “mom” I mean, I have had to stop with the long-sleeve shirts, stop with the flat shoes, stop with the long pants, stop with the pony-tail, gray hair, no make-up, no jewels, no no no. I had not worn shorts in more years than I can count on one hand. I own 5 pairs of yoga pants, and I have yet to take a yoga class! I'm not old! Yet I had been dressing and acting like a woman who is past her prime — and I'm only 46!!

My time is not up yet!

After two years of dedicating most of my energies to our son, my efforts this past year have been on me as well. I joined WW in May of 2009. I've lost about 25 lbs. I'm almost back to the weight I was when I got married in 1999.

Anyway, more about this in my new series. I want to tell you about how SORE I am! S.O.R.E. !!!

Thursday night was the first of a 6-week class that I am taking with my two girl friends:


That's Richele and Bronwyn. We are taking a hard-core fitness class which will hopefully either make us feel more confident in ourselves as women, or perhaps help us to close the door on our youth. The jury is still out yet, as we have had only one class so far. In any case, from the belly-button on up, my body feels like it was hit by a truck.

For all of our efforts, we decided to “pig out” after class. Nothing like table-side guacamole! Yum!


Then yesterday, Oliver and I took a long bike ride. One of the treats along the way was a short stop at a famers market for an organic crepe. YUM again!


You can see the owner's big smile behind that banana!

There's our crepe being made.


Of course, Oliver chose the filling:

nutella for our crepe

Almost ready....

Done! Oliver's nutella crepe...


Enjoyable? Ask Oliver!


Afterwards we continued our bike ride. We sat on a big hill to finish our lunch and took some time to have fun and enjoy the lake view. One of Peanut's favorite things is to run up and down hills — the bigger the better. It's a great workout for me as well. OMG, we did this at least 10 times. It killed me and is one of the reasons I'm so sore today!

This photo is a bit deceiving. The hill was quite large and steep.


When he's not running, he's climbing. This kid has abs....


After this bike ride, Oliver refused to take a nap, so we went on a 3 mile walk. As you can see, I've had quite a workout in the last couple days. It explains why I've tried to remain horizontal today, albeit, that's really impossible with my Squirt who energy is like a fly trapped in a window sill ... non-stop buzzing around despite his circumstances.

So yep, I'm sore. I can't remember using my upper body muscles for anything other than lifting up Peanut for years. And my abs? Lets just say, I'm trying not to laugh right now. My legs are rubber. My brain is fried. I'm spent, physically.

Emotionally, we've had a rough couple days too! Oliver has been sick with a head cold, so he's been incredibly clingy. This translates into a messy house. "I have a messy house!"  he said today. Yep. We sure do. I'm tired of peeling Matchbox cars off my bare feet. Momma needs a few moments of quiet time. Two days of no napping, one night of a 10 pm bedtime, three days of incredible neediness and two three meltdowns where he cried for his daddy hysterically.... I'm definitely going to be ready to head into work tomorrow.

Life's not bad, but the weekend was work!

I'm trying not to feel too sorry for myself. My husband moved into a new apartment yesterday, sadly. He's signed a one-year lease. And it has a pool ... which he told me he hung out at for a few hours this morning. I'm trying not to think about it too much. I needed a break really badly today. Really badly. I was about to sell my kid to the first person who knocked on our door. Good thing we had no visitors today! Oliver broke down and cried for 20 minutes for his daddy. Matt was at the pool. Nice. I'm trying to be understanding. But it's difficult. There's no movement forward. I thought maybe after a month-and-a-half of giving him some space, possibly he'd ask me for a cup of coffee or perhaps we could do something for an afternoon as a family. But I guess he needs more time. Or maybe there's just no going back. Maybe it's over and moving in that direction. It's hard to accept. Really. It is. I don't know how folks do this. I don't! It's not easy. It's hell, pure hell. Torture. A nightmare. Really. That's what it feels like to me. I'm losing hope for us.

But guess what I'm looking at? I've got the cutest kid in my life. So while he's got a nice swimming pool and sunshine, I have a real live little person in front of me to share my life with, a person I can bestow incredible amounts of love upon, and who gives me unconditional love back. His smile and laughs light up our room! He sings. He dances. He plays. He talks to me. He wants me in his life. He wants me to play with him. He says the funniest things. And I get the best kisses and hugs. He's a good kid. Gods gift to me.

 This separation is bad and hurts like nothing I've ever experienced before, but in some ways, I still think I have the better end of the stick.


  1. is that a 'stripper pole'? lol i dont know what those classes are TECHNICALLY called but i know of people who have taken them and say they are quite an intense workout to say the least!! so since ya left us hanging with that picture, that's my best guess as to why you're so sore from your workout lol :) *megs*

  2. Hi.. I don't know you. I've stumbled across your blog just kind of randomly. Your son is beautiful. I've felt compelled to read every post and want to thank you for sharing. It's really put some perspective towards some things for me. So.. thanks. (for whatever that's worth) :)


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