Let Me Count Your Teeth!


Oliver had his first dentist appointment yesterday! It was a hoot! I wish I had his courage, trust and attitude when I visit the dentist. They practically have to give me a sedative just to put my head back onto the chair.

Our boy was a little trooper!





(photos courtesy of Matt and his cell phone!)

I was able to take the morning off work. Our nanny didn't arrive until later that day. Off we went into the chariot (his stroller) and walked down the street to the dentist's office. I was able to hit up Starbucks and have a nice casual walk with my little Peanut. Matt met us at the office. The appointment took no time at all, and when it was over, we were able to enjoy the weather and have a nice walk home. We even picked up some dental floss. Our boy is growing up!

And, I even got a hug and a kiss from my husband. Baby steps. 

Next post: potty training 101. I think he's ready. If you're interesting in poop stories, stop back on Monday.The undies are ready and waiting. (And if you ask me, boys undies are unbelievably ugly!)