Can you say Relapse?

Guys, who am I kidding? This stuff is not easy. Please summon up all your angels, your Gods, your spiritual connections and say a prayer for me please? The holding pattern is rough. But I don't want my marriage to end. So I'm willing to stay here, in limbo. I just need a little strength today, a little support, and a big dose of Divine Intervention. I'm backsliding. Some days this is just too hard.

I got a reality check today. That's not good for one who depends on hope.

Prayers, good vibes and positive thoughts are accepted willingly! So are any uplifting comments or emails. I need them, and if you know me, I have not asked for anything but prayers. So supportive emails or comments are requested today.

Today it feels too darn hard, and like I'll never get through this. How do folks do it? The strength is in my son, God's perfect gift to me. I have to do this for him. I have to be there for him. I'm his mother and every child needs one.

Thanks so very much.


  1. You are in my thoughts. You have the right to remain kind to yourself!


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