Washington Island - School House Beach

Yes, the God of Sunshine loves Oliver. Or maybe Christiana. Because right after we decided to scram from the Ostrich Farm, the clouds parted and out came Mrs. Sunshine. Off we went to the beach.

We made our way to School House Beach, located in Washington Island, Door County. It's a very unique beach.... there is no sand. Instead, there is an endless supply of smooth stones for Oliver to throw into the water. All. Day. Long. There are only 5 beaches like this in the world, and you'd have to travel to Sweden, Norway, France or Mexico to find one of the others. What makes this so special are the smooth stones, made of limestone, which rest under the clearest waters of Lake Michigan that you will find. It's such a lovely bay and place, and provides an endless supply of throwing apparatus for Oliver. See for yourself.

loves the rocks

more rocks

Winding up the pitch...

about to throw

Pausing for a photo opp...

at school house beach

Tossing one in...

tossing one into the water

tossing one in

Walking with flip flops proved to be too much of a challenge for me...

with mommy

But we had fun anyway!

with mommy at the beach
Next post to come: Whitefish Dunes Beach