At the Zoo

Our annual Oliver on the Zoo Train photo session occurred one week ago today. (As you can see, I'm behind on posts. I still have at least two more Door County Weekend posts pending.)

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zoo train, 2010

And just for a refresher:

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Zoo Train 2009

Zoo Train 2009

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Oliver Zoo Train 2008

Because a trip to the zoo doesn't necessarily mean hanging out with the chimps, we include a train ride in each visit. Therefor, I have several other cute photos of my little Peanut on the zoo train. Once I find them all (my cataloguing skills betray me), I will add them to this post.

So here's one last shot of me and Oz on the train.

Mommy and Oliver on the zoo train

On a side note:

Can you keep us all in your prayers? I know this separation is going to be full of ups and downs. Right now, we are in a down spot. Matt is not coming home this September. And things are not going in the direction I'd like them to right now. I have to give him some space because right now, he doesn't have much interest in hanging out with me. That's the reality of the situation. I know there are many who'd like me to get some wind under my sails and let go. It's hard to do that for a lot of reasons. But if you'd like to keep me in your prayers so that I have the strength to move thru this and even past this, that would be great. I can't seem to muster up the courage to do the things I need to do.

Thanks everyone....