Today I'm Grateful

  1. for the opportunity to do my daily readings on the porch outside my bedroom, in the fresh air
  2. for the quiet morning
  3. for the quiet evening last night
  4. my king sized bed, so roomy... and that it's made each day and nice to come home to
  5. for all that I'm learning
  6. for my spiritual mentor and her unconditional love / acceptance of me
  7. for the women I mentor spiritually and the great chats we get to have each week; they give me so much and fill up my heart; they take me out of my head
  8. for the relationships I've built over the years and have maintained
  9. for the opportunity to be of service this weekend to my close friend whose mother passed on
  10. for the ways in which God reaches me; even in my dark moments He finds a way to sustain me
  11. for God who gives me the most hope of all because I know if not this, something better
  12. for God who sends angels, books, opportunities, my mentor, women, friends, strangers, acquaintances, my family members, my child, and a whole lot more my way to help me find comfort, love and compassion
  13. for the countless gifts of awareness I've had this past month; growing in ways I never have
  14. listing my fears each night and seeing how they engulf me; learning to put my trust in God completely ...because God is Everything or He is nothing. I need Him to be Everything
  15. for the new daily reader that was given to me; I love it and cherish it; I would have never bought it on my own based on the title alone, "Jesus Calling"
  16. for the new prayer journal I'm keeping and the book study I've joined to help me focus on it
  17. that I'm doing OK w/o seeing my son for three nights in a row; actually enjoying the freedom but feeling a little guilty for liking it
  18. that I unloaded a secret I've held in for a long time, and the fears surrounding that were removed
  19. that I was honest with my mentor about something; that was really hard to do but knew I had to
  20. for my job and the amazing opportunity I have here. I get to act grown up for a change. :)
Thanks for your kind thoughts, prayers and good wishes everyone.