Door County Weekend

Just a brief post. I'm sitting my car 30 minutes before the stroke of midnight during a full moon. What am I thinking? Well, I'll tell you. I think we should save the $50 a month fee for Satellite TV when I'd much rather have a WiFi network at our cottage. Sitting outside a closed coffee shop (it really sucks that I can't at least order a decafe!) checking my email is not my idea of a grand time. But then I thought of you guys — my seven blog followers ...

We are up in Door County this weekend. By we, I mean: myself, Oliver, my mother-in-law (from Switzerland) and for a short 24 hours, my husband. This is a story perhaps, but one I may have to save for later.

So here's the cutest thing. Oliver and I roasted marsh mellows. It was his first attempt.

mommy and oliver


And here's Christiana, the sweetest, best MIL anyone could ever ask for. I love her so much.


Ollo had a great time eating grass fed steak.


And here's the man we all love to hate. Oh....... I'm just kidding. Seriously. I am. We are trying to get along and actually, currently we are. :) I will keep accepting prayers and any good vibes you'd like to send our way.


Oliver and I got some fun time in the water.

Mommy and Oliver at Ellison Bay Days


Overall, it was a nice 24 hours.


Matt left last night, and the three of us remained behind to finish off the weekend. We had a great time today at Washington Island and our day ended with a double rainbow! But that's another post.

Thanks for checkin' in. See you soon!