Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

Hello again. It's been spare pickin's around here. I'm still w/o a computer so I have to find the time at work (lunchtime) to post. This past week, May 9 - 15th, was pretty hard for me. Not many ups, and mostly downs. I managed to get through the week with a lot of support. The week prior was so much easier and what I wouldn't give to feel as positive as I felt then. Right now, my head moves to the future where my fears live, so I try to stay in today. Tomorrow is too much for me to think about, even though I venture there often despite the bright red road signs shouting, "Wrong Way!".

Thank you to all of you who have visited me, wrote me and supported me through this hard time, the details of which I still have not shared online. I treasure the emails, kind works, and prayers especially. I really believe in the power of prayer, and I ask for more from you if you are the praying sort. God can work miracles. God can find a way out of this for us. I pray that God eases our hurts and pains and helps us find comfort so we can get through our days and parent our son. I pray that God finds a way for us all to succeed.

I have a few crazy pix of Oliver that I have yet to post here, so I thought I'd share. He's still in his rock star stage in most of these pix. We've had his second hair cut about 2 weeks ago, so these are a bit older than that. And since his personality shines in the photos, they seemed appropriate to share.

He found a new seat in the kitchen. Note: he has a very small butt.


He dines with friends.

Oliver breakfast

When Oliver is not sleeping or eating with his car collection, he's playing with his trains. He used to play on the floor but now he has a new Brio train table with lots of configurations and hills. It's pretty massive and cool and takes up exactly 1/2 of our living room. I miss the sweetness of seeing him set up on the floor and carting his cereal and pretzels around. The train takes a turn, Oliver eats an "O"... the train moves around again, Oliver eats a pretzel. Oliver needs a bread stick and not unlike Godzilla, tears down the carefully laid down tracks in order to tackle the object of desire. Pretty soon the train is void of edibles, and Oliver is quite proud and satisfied!



I forgot to share we've raised a book worm. He will sit and read books all by himself but needs to tear down the bookshelves and surround himself with literary greats. He loves to turn the pages while I read to him, but his very favorite — when he's in the mood — is Dr. Seuss for which he sits absolutely still as if devouring each and every lyrical word. It's the rhythm and rhyming that casts a spell over him, but I fear perhaps the stories actually make sense to his little 25-month old brain. Matt likes Dr. Seuss a lot too, and it's because the man had to have been high when writing these books! We're certain of it.




Then we bought him this strange plate. It's a scary bald guy, and you can dress him up with food. I think Oliver was a bit perplexed. Note the hand in the car basket.


And then my little man got a hold of my iPhone and figured out how to press a few important buttons. If you receive a prank call from me, I'm going to blame Oliver.


self portrait

And here's one last picture from February, Valentines Day....Mommy and Oliver...

Mommy and Oliver Valentines Day

Please keep all three of us in your prayers. I'm not sure who needs them the most: Me? Matt? or Oliver? But we do. We need to be wrapped in God's love right now, that's for sure.

Thanks all... see you soon...