Mon Trésor Tout Nouveau

Introducing my new juicer, L'equip XL 215:

L'Equip Mini XL Juicer

I love him because he will bring bonne santé to all who boire le jus du fruit... ou du légume... ou les deux! Plus he may save me money.

Apple, Parsley, Celery

apple-parsley-cabbage juice

Simply Carrot

carrot juice

Strawberry, Orange, Cabbage

strawberry-orange-cabbage juice

And here's the line up.... so pretty. How could you not drink these?

juices - fruit - apple - carrot

So my little guy wont drink the carrot juice. I'm not sure why because he's been drinking carrot juice for a long time w/o complaint. This one is even sweeter. I think it's because the color is not as vibrant. Otherwise, I'm just not sure. I've sneaked it into translucent and even his stainless containers. He'll take a swig and declare, "No like it." Which is a big bummer. He loves the fruit juice, of course, and even the apple. "Mmmmmmmm. Tastes good!" I'm glad because it means he's eating the stalk of a celery with each bottle.

These organic juices are naturally good, not pasteurized and full of flavor and earthy goodness. You can read a little more about it here. So far, Oliver has drank all the juices I've made with the exception of the carrot juice. I use all organic fruit and veggies and I've tried a variety of thoughtful mixes: apples and pears with cucumber and zucchini; apples, celery and cilantro juice; pear cucumber. It's all so good!

But just a short word of warning. If you give your little one a zapp of juice just before bedtime, expect bedtime to be a little bit of a battle as all those nutrients go right into their little blood streams and give them so much energy they might just pop around your house like a ping pong ball. It's not going to be pretty.