We've been busy. It's difficult to post however b/c my computer is gone. I'm in limbo as I wait for the new MacBooks to come out. I don't know when that will be and I'm not sure how long I can wait! I am excited tho b/c I will be getting a laptop this time and that means I can spend dream of spending long hours at Alterra sipping hot, highly caffeinated beverages writing lovely posts for you all.

This week I took a half-day on Tuesday so that Matt and I could take our little fish, not quite two, swimming. He's fearless and I've got the goods to prove it.

He went down the largest waterslide in the park. It's so large it requires a boat. Oliver sat in the front, held on and was ready for the ride. Here's proof:

giant water slide

giant water slide

Totally in heaven from the moment we arrived....

so happy

We had trouble getting him out of the water. He may have swam a bit too long.

prune toes

But I got him out and warmed up his purple lips by tempting him with his favorite new food. P R E T Z E L S. I have to spell it out lest he come running thinking I'll delivering the goods.

yummy pretzels


yummy pretzels

all done, eating pretzels

We'll be going again next week I think, unless I'm out of pretzels. Then I wont know how to lure him out of the park!

That's all for now.