Taking The Browns to the Super Bowl

Or Potty Training 101 also known as Potty Training by Coercion. Or rather, the power of chocolate. M&M's to be specific. Oliver is obsessed with and gives up pretty much anything, including a boob (more about that some other time) for his bright red, green, yellow and blue jewels of Godly Goodness. In fact, while munching on one M & M, he wont stay in the moment as you will see below. He's obsessed with the next color, the one on the kitchen counter, the one he doesn't have yet.

Anyway, I think that our plan may be backfiring. So far we've only captured one delivery into the potty. Mainly Oliver just sits on his throne so he can have chocolate. And right now, he believes the only place to eat chocolate is on the potty, which is pretty much the case. But I have a feeling that Oliver will go thru his entire life thinking the only place chocolate is offered is on the pot. I can see it now: Huddled in the little boy's room sucking on his Easter Bunny's ears. Jilting his date when the dessert rolls around by excusing himself into the Men's room in order to feed himself spoonfuls of chocolate mousse doused with creme fraiche. It's not going to be pretty.

Potty Training 101 from andrea_z on Vimeo.

Potty Training 101 - part deux from andrea_z on Vimeo.

Note: the video above has been shortened. I will upload a full-length video later today or this weekend sometime!