Today is a Good Day

Why? I think I must have been taking my vitamins regularly, seriously, because when I do, I get very, very happy. Who needs anti-d drugs? Really! (Ok, I'm just kidding! I think depression is a serious illness that can be medically treated with success!) I'd probably put rich vanilla ice cream married with freshly warmed raspberries and hunks of milk chocolate in my what-makes-me-very-very-happy-category.

Matt made an incredible dinner last night. And that makes me happy too. It was so nice to come home to a warm house, filled with the aroma of BBQ'd ribs and steaming mashed potatoes. Ok, I'm exaggerating. I pulled the mashed out of the fridge and 'nuked' them, but the ribs were still steaming from just being pulled out of the oven. The meat fell off the bones; even Zoe, our carnivorous cat, snubbed the bones I tossed at her because they were too bare.

Anyway, folks, I'm happy to report I've made it through chapter 7 of my latest book, and even laughed out loud a few times. (and this makes me happy too...) I am cheating a bit as I'm really listening to it on audio, but it's the one way to kick start my read-one-book-a-month plan for this new year. I'm a bit behind. I have not finished Bird by Bird yet, but I have a good—no make that great—excuse. It just disappeared. It did! Vanished! Into thin air. Along with my reading glasses. Gone. Poof! Outta here. I fell asleep one night after reading a passage that was so intriguing I couldn't put it down until I actually passed out. I remember pulling my glasses off my head and that's it. The rest is a black hole (I have a few of those, and they are not chemically or alcoholically induced. Many happen at Target, but others happen at very odd times of the day like during Oliver's 2-hour naps in which any available minutes for checking items off my to do list disappear o-so-quickly. And then there's that black hole that occurs between the time I look at the clock in the morning just before we leave the house on time and the time I actually pull out of the garage late.). In the morning, the book and the glasses were gone. Both Matt and I have looked for them. I even tore the sheets off the bed. Gone.

So, I'm on to the next book and I'm actually enjoying it. It's Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center (who wrote and produced the video in my last post) and it's really fun. I may even read her others!

Speaking of books, are any of you on If so, please add me as your friend. It's a great way to share what we are reading with one another. See my new Good Reads widget on the right-hand column below.