To Do List

Hi friends. I'm posting it here so you can hold me accountable. This is what I need to get done this weekend, and yes, it's only Wednesday, but mid-week I start to panic at the piles of clothing, stacks of papers, and ever-growing inventory of decayed foods in our fridge when I know I have two more full days of work ahead. It helps if I just make a list and tell myself I'll get to it on Friday (or more likely Saturday / Sunday).

So here goes.

This weekend: (in no special order)

Do something fun with Oliver
  • Wash Oliver's laundry
  • Get to my laundry
  • Sort my closet (fold clothes and put away neatly)
  • Box old Oliver clothes up
  • Remove piles from side of my bed
  • Clean off  diet coke cans from bedside table
  • Pick up cake for Baby Love Party on Sunday
  • Cook soup for Baby Love Party
  • Clean out decaying mess in fridge
  • Take a shower and do something other than pony tail with hair, (ie., look like a wife, not a mom) for Valentines Day date with hubby
  • Do something fun with Oliver (again)
  • Wrap Isla's present
  • Attend WW meeting
  • Move recyclable bin 
  • Meet Jenny for coffee on Saturday
  • Get Oliver's hair cut :( :( :( but, it's time....
  • Be nice
  • Be nice
  • Be nice
Hmmmm, I think that's it. Not too much, is there? And if you're wondering about the Be nice part, well... I was a little grumpy this week and so my goal this weekend is to take "contrary actions" when I get the urge to assalt my valued all-knowing warped opinion upon innocent husbands.

Notice I slipped in a hair cut for Oz. Don't hold me to that. He almost two and has not had his hair cut yet. I'm thinking, maybe just a trim. We'll see.

I'm lucky because we finally found a really great cleaning lady for our home who is amazing. My husband found her and has agreed to have her come into our home 2x a week, er month. (No Freudian slip there, huh?) My goal is to get out of the house before she arrives however since last time she came by I learned all there was to know about her son and his problems, her daughter and her medical problems and her mother — all this before she even got the chance to remove her coat. Still, I'm blessed to have her.

Ok, I'll check back on Sunday to see if I made it thru my list without injuring anyone.