Second Update

It's about 12:30 am. Just got back from seeing a marvelous movie with my sweetie, "Crazy Heart" (which I totally recommend). We also had a fabulous, grown up dinner together tonight. I'm heading for bed in just a moment, but I drank so much caffeine tonight that I thought I'd spend a few moments updating my task sheet.

This weekend: (in no special order)

  • Wash Oliver's laundry
  • Get to my laundry
  • Sort my closet (fold clothes and put away neatly)
  • Box old Oliver clothes up
  • Remove piles from side of my bed
  • Clean off  diet coke cans from bedside table
  • Do something fun with Oliver
  • Pick up cake for Baby Love Party on Sunday
  • Cook soup for Baby Love Party
  • Clean out decaying mess in fridge
  • Take a shower and do something other than pony tail with hair, (ie., look like a wife, not a mom) for Valentines Day date with hubby
  • Do something fun with Oliver (again)
  • Wrap Isla's present
  • Attend WW meeting
  • Move recyclable bin 
  • Meet Jenny for coffee on Saturday
  • Get Oliver's hair cut :( :( :( but, it's time....
  • Be nice
  • Be nice
  • Be nice
 Add On's
  • Shop at Whole Foods
  • Shop at P & Spend
  • Cook spinach soup
  • Clean cat litter box; ugg!
  • Pick up pink balloons, maybe
  • Vacuum living room
Items in blue denote delegated tasks