Baby Love was a Success!

The party was so sweet! Baby Isla came complete with cute faces, little sparkles in her eyes and a horrible cough. Yep, that's right. Our little Sweet Pea cooed and gurgled, and occasionally let out a cough the likes of an 80-year old man. Very grown up of her to do. Sadly, she caught Auden's (her older brother) bronchial infection at just a mere two weeks of age. Each time she coughed, her mommy practically burst into tears. How could a vulnerable, unsuspecting little angel fight off an infection like that? But she was tough, beautiful and she had a blast, this I'm certain. Everyone took turns holding her. Everyone except me of course. So now, one-more-time, I have to weasel my way back into Mama's house to get another chance to ogle the little love bug. We all had a sweet time and Baby Isla racked in the gifts. How easy it is to shop for little baby girls!

We started with a gift for Auden. Look how pretty the package was!

beautiful presents

And here's what was inside:


Good thing Oliver was gone or Auden would never see that toy.

Here we go. Girly clothes. Look to your heart's content:




(more will be added shortly)

And here're some baby pix. Look to your heart's content:

dawn, mama, and baby

dawn and baby

baby isla

and then of course, my baby, who's not so much of a baby anymore: