Qu'ils mangent de la brioche

Translated (roughly) means, "Let them eat cake!" and in context means nothing like what the phrase's origin speculates.

Here's the sweet and simple...


cake top

cake detail

Doesn't that just define lavish? Oliver's 2nd birthday is just around that corner and this year we're ordering a custom cake. A friend of mine was driving by yesterday delivering this gorgeous cake pictured above to a beautiful 90-yr old woman for her birthday! This cake was baked by the same pastry chef that will be making Oliver's (we hope).

My friend stopped by to show me the gorgeous display of lush fondant and vibrant color. I couldn't believe it. I snapped a few pix of the delicate work of art in all of its awesomeness, transported on the floor of her chariot car. Isn't it exquisite? Not to mention, I've sampled this chefs scrumptious delights more than once and needless to say, his works of art taste just as good as they look! For now, this is the only reason to look forward to my baby's two-year mark. (I can't believe my baby's a toddler. He was just a little thing only like 5 minutes ago.)