New Year's Resolutions

While it's still January, it's safe to talk about my NYR's. I have many, and maybe too many. Here's the extensive list and a glimpse into the over-achiever in me:
  1. continue to get organized: keep home reasonably clean, organize and back up photos, organize the bedroom, keep litter box clean, fridge clean, back hall clean, organize laundry room this year, continue to get rid of old clothes and shoes - donating them, get a new closet system when the finances are available, keep contacts organized, keep email under control, buy only necessary items for self and child, return items to stores, etc
  2. continue to take care of myself
  3. continue to eat healthy, both for myself and child. Cook more healthy meals for my family 
  4. continue with my Weight Watchers program
  5. continue to curb spending on things: buy mainly what's necessary, try not to over spend at grocery store, definitely try to be cautious about books, cd's, home decor etc (little pleasures that add up)
  6. continue to take vitamins, take time to care for self, take care of clothing, hair, make up, etc. (appreciate and take care of what I have)
  7. continue to take contrary actions when i want to delve into my character defects
  8. continue to humbly hear what God has to say, w/o fighting or rationalizing my actions in my heart and head
  9. continue to humbly take direction at work instead of asserting my "independence" and "experience" and "talent"
  10. continue to do my daily readings (especially Emmet Fox and God Calling) and trust trust trust in GOD this year, more than ever
  11. continue to let others make their own choices even if i think they are the wrong ones
  12. continue to be respectful to those around me whether they are clerks, drivers, customer service reps, family, co-workers or friends
  13. continue to tell others how much i appreciate them even if i think they know it
  14. continue to do what I need to so that I can allow God to remove those defects of character which get in the way of my relationship with Him and others, especially my in marriage
  15. continue to make spending time with family a priority and not overdo my weekend commitments with others
  16. continue to do things Oliver likes, not just let tag him along with me as I run errands and such
  17. and that i hope to meet any adversity with grace and dignity; letting go, trusting and dreaming despite anything life might throw my way in 2010
And now for something completely new....
  1. Read one fiction book a month!
  2. Get busy being creative at home
  3. Get better at writing
  4. Design a new website for my blog and cottage
  5. Create a play area for Oliver in the basement
  6. Spend more time outdoors being active
  7. Help teach Oliver to swim
  8. Create a beautiful bedroom retreat for Matt and myself

What an order! I can't go thru with it! Are these extravagant resolutions? I think not. The short order is that I want to stay connected spiritually, be humble, kind, appreciative and creative. And take some time for self. And get more organized.

I think that's it. Really, is it too much? Probably.

But I'll say it here: I've been doing a lot of this in 2009, and I would like to continue doing that and get better at it.

Where I'm at today? I am reading a book. Yep! And it's not a how to raise your children avoiding toxic substances while organic gardening and  organizing your home one handed book! (Altho I many books like that have taken up residence on my shelves and bedroom floor.) Yay! I'm not sure it's really fiction, but it's better than the aforementioned. It's Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott, some thoughts on writing. I want to be a better writer so y'all wont be so bored when you visit!

And so far, I've taken my vitamins, I'm getting rid of clothes next week, I've had my hair and brows done (tomorrow I'm getting my hair done again), I've achieved Life Time membership at WW (YAHOO!!!!) and I've bought shoes and clothes on sale, great sale! I've just done a return and a price adjustment on prior purchases. And my Target charge is practically at zero dollars (meaning no balance). Not bad huh? So, I'm hoping y'all will keep me on track. If I've mentioned it here, it's written in stone. OR cyberspace. And can be easily deleted. But shhhhhhhh. Don't tell my over zealous sub-conscious that! :)