This Can't Get Any Easier

Bedtime. Let me start by saying, some nights our son is a holy terror. Some.

But lately, most nights have been a total and complete breeze. (Someone please hand me some wood to knock on...) OMG, I must be in plastic land because he's crying right now. Seriously, it's as if the Gods of Justice and Thou Shalt be more Humble knew the precise moment I typed that period after that last word.

Anyway, Matt just went in and as quickly as I just typed that last sentence, that's how quick Oliver settled back in to dream land.

So here's how it goes most every night that I put Oliver to bed:*

Have Dinner
Start bath while cleaning up kitchen mess
Get child's bedroom ready for bed: turn down lights, start bedtime music
Get child naked after child throws bath toys into tub loudly
Place child into tub
Let child play
Help child wash himself
Wash child's hair and then douse with water
Pull child from tub
Wrap child in towel whilst he lets momma know how unkind she is
Let wet child run buck-naked
Clean up pee
Close bedroom door to secure wild beast
Struggle to get diaper cream, diaper and jammies on wet child
Comb hair whilst chasing child around bedroom
Exhale and set butt down on glider, let child pick out a book or two
Read 8-10 books
Ask child if he's ready to go his crib
Child shakes head "no" semi-violently whilst still attached to breast
Wait a moment, child will sit up and slide off lap; breast will pop out of mouth
Place breasts back into place
Meet child at crib where he says, "Up"
Place child in crib
Child pulls blanket over himself
Gets comfortable
Gets back up to offer momma a kiss
Gets comfortable, hugs his little lamb
Stays down and falls asleep

You tell me if that's easy or not. I happen to think it's quite nice. Of course there are times when he's just not ready to lie still. Those times I just let him chatter away as I slip out the door. He then falls asleep in less than 10.

I'm so ready for another child...

Ok, off to bed now b/c I have a NEW iPhone and I want to go make prank phone calls.


* Matt will have to write his own post for the nights when he puts Oliver to bed. But my guess is, it's just as "easy".