Life is Not Perfect

Hello friends. I'm here today with a heavy heart. I guess I'm feeling a bit sentimental today (yesterday too) as I reflect on the upcoming holidays and realize there is some pain in this world, especially with the people I love so much.

I found out one of Oliver's care-givers died last week. I didn't know this woman very well, but it makes me sad to think she's gone. Her name is Anne and she was only 55 years young. If you pray, perhaps you can keep her in your prayers this week.

And then last week, my father's sweetheart's daughter past away also. She had emphysema and Dottie (her mother) was always worried about her. Her name is Bonnie. She was only 60+ years young.

Next, someone near and dear to me is suffering from depression and maybe you could call it a mid-life crisis. His business is not going well (due to today's economic temperature) and he's not doing well. I pray for his little child and for him. Maybe you could too.