The Weekend Lineup

Hello folks. A lot has happened in the past day or so. Well, first there was Halloween, and even tho Old Navy completely disappointed me, we were able to bounce back and get Oliver his dragon costume. We had fun on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

But today's feat outshined everything. Yes, what happened today left me giddy, speechless and in awe of the very miracle that was bestowed upon me. Oliver put his dirty dish in the dishwasher.

Let me repeat:

Oliver put his dirty dish into the dishwasher.

Ok, one more time:

Oliver, my little 19-month old, ran into the kitchen with his dirty dinner plate, placed the dish quickly into the bottom rack of the dishwasher, and then ran back into the living room couch to be with his father and the much anticipated Packers vs Bret Favre football game. 

I would not have believed it had I not witnessed it in person. I was feeding him quesadilla in the kitchen but all he would eat was his Cheerio's. (He picked those out himself when I asked him if he was hungry.) So cheerio's and milk. I tried to get him to eat the more healthy option, but he was not interested. 

My sick husband was camped out on the couch this weekend. Just an FYI, we are all sick now. In any case, I decided it could be a treat for Oz to eat in the living room with his dad since Matt can get him to eat just about anything. And obviously my tactic worked b/c next thing I know, the Peanut wizzed into the kitchen and retreated just as quickly after placing this little tiny plate into the already opened dishwasher.

Ok, there was more to the weekend... I mean, hello. It was Halloween! There was a party... in fact, two parties. There was my very favorite thing: shopping with Oz at Whole Foods, a visit from Grandpa and then cooking in the kitchen all day. Not to mention my little artist, normally very discontent with being cooped up indoors all day, sat at the table and drew all day long! All. Day. Long. Crazy. Had I known.......

So today I made Pumpkin Soup and I will post pix and the recipe soon. I started a soup group at work called Primordial Pottage (blog coming soon) and this weekend it was my turn. The group has a couple of vegetarians in it (not me) and so for the first time I had to make this soup w/o chicken stock. It wasn't great, but I will re-taste tomorrow and give my final review. I took the leftovers and added chicken stock to it and it tasted much better. But that's me.

I also baked a few pumpkins to make pumpkin butter. I didn't quite get to finish that. I'll have pix of that too I think. I made delish roasted pumpkin seed though. YUM! And I made an Indian dish for dinner, chicken and veggies with a Korma sauce. I cheated tho and bought the sauce from Trader Joes. I was at 3 grocery stores today and almost stopped at one more looking for an organic orange, but I was sick (literally) and exhausted and put my limit on three. Especially since yesterday we were on the go all  dang day and I even stopped at another store then. I'm $175 and completely shopped out.

Remind me to tell  you about Old Navy. And about my first pair of hiking shoes too. Both hurt. The shoes hurt my feet after about 5 hours and Old Navy hurt my head. I was irate. I think it's true to say, "Don't come between a Mother and her child's Halloween costume."

Now, off to bed. I'm completely spent!

And I haven't forgotten to tell you about Bayfield. The hilights will come, I promise! Really.