It's only a matter of time

He's so big. He's so smart. (I'm the mom and I get to say that!) He's just about to bust out with a vocabulary that will knock me over. I have to get out the video camera and catch these moments of him jibbering away because it's only a matter of time until this little grunter becomes a linguist of the 2-yr old variety!

And not only that, but his hair is getting so long..... and yet I just can't bear to cut it! And he looks like a tiny tot running around, not my little baby. What happened to my baby?

He still runs and gives me kisses each day when I get home from work. But lately, when he's coloring or reading on his own, he pushes me away as if to say, "Hey big person, I'm busy! Let me be why don't you!"

You guys, he's only 20-months old! Damn!

Long hair, little boy