I love photoshop

More than I love to sweep. Ok, let me say that again. It takes moments to sweep. It takes even more moments to photoshop (the verb) the dirt off the my disgusting kitchen floor. (Disgusting is such a strong word. But I'm humbling - maybe even humiliating - myself by admitting that my kitchen floor is disgustingly dirty.) But obviously I'd rather photoshop my kitchen floor clean than sweep and mop it. And the sad thing is, I didn't even know my kitchen floor needed sweeping until I took a look at it in this photograph. I'm a designer. I'm not Super-mom.

Evidence to follow below. I have since swept the elements of daily living off my floor. I can't believe I let it go that far! Oh well. I've given up the war between germs and my son. He's eaten and touched a few things that I really wish he hadn't. I think it's a losing battle.

What I'd like you to see:

oliver coloring floor

The reality:

floor before