Matt's Potatoes

Ok, remember when I wrote about Matt's potatoes here? I failed to mention they were BBQ flavored. Mmmmmm. So good!

Well, here are a couple of pix to wet your palette.



The roasted potatoes included:

Red potatoes
BBQ Seasoning
Red Peppers
Red Onions
Chorizo Sausage (authentic)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

That's about it. I am not sure how he did this. I have a feeling he sauteed the sausage and tossed that with the potatoes. Perhaps he sauteed the veggies too. Everything was tossed together and thrown into the oven. No major recipes here. I think he just whips things up as he goes along. See? Not much difference from a Jackson Pollock painting! (Minus the cigarette!)