Whitefish Dunes State Park (or the case of the naked baby)

I guess I'll begin at the end. We were packed up and ready to return home, in fact, we were gone already! We made it about 45 minutes out when we stopped at this beautiful field of sunflowers.




As I was snapping away, it came to me. I was devastated to realize that back at the cottage sat an expensive piece of camera equipment. I had accidentally left it behind. It was like someone let the air out of me. We were on our way home! Go back? Now? And to have to tell Matt.... I was literally going to kick my own damn arse.

To make a long rather boring story short, Matt offered to drive back, while in the mean time I could take Oliver to Whitefish Dunes. I'd always wanted to go there.

It was a perfect late afternoon. Matt dropped us off in the parking lot and off we went, in some meaningless direction. We trekked down to the beach. I had no idea what was in store for us. Fine grains of quartz sand, running smoothly through our toes, bleached white from hours of baking in the Southeastern sun. A long deserted stretch of beach, shallow warm water, crystal clear. A few gulls. An emptiness that resonated with peace and serenity. Just the two of us and few passerbys. It was almost eerie, and a long cry from the volleyball activated, string bikini struttin', beer chasing, boombox stompin', skin barin' beach. No way, instead... just us. And a little rippling of water kissing the shore. It was great. It was a perfect, God-given space in time.

So great in fact that I opted for Oliver to wear his most favorite outfit ever. And there he sat... in the buff... the running, playing, chasing, splashing, squatting, exploring little man that he is.

white dunes beach


Turns out it was a huge blessing that I forgot the camera stuff. Matt may not think so, but when again will we have this glorious beach to ourselves with only the seagulls to share it with? The water was warm and calm, and we could walk 50 yards out before it hit above my knees.

And when we do go back, I'm sure we'll have to blend in with the crowd, a scene that just wont be as meaningful as this past visit. What a way to end a 4-day weekend.


  1. Wonderful! We've had exactly the same feeling leaving your cottage, not wanting the vacation to end, then prolonging it a bit longer by a beloved stop at Whitefish Dunes. And if you follow a long trail through the woods there is beach access to the DOG BEACH! Bless the dog beach! And Diesel ran naked and leash-free just like Oliver.

    Matt is a saint for going back to the cottage for the forgotten equipment. RT that was a few extra miles!


    P.S. Love the photos! I would love to drive my motorbike by the sunflowers.

  2. I love love love the pictures of Oliver at the beach!!! I bet he had such a great time exploring :) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!


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