Popping In

For a quick visit, just so y'all don't all forget about me. (How could
y'all forget, right?) We have been crazy busy! Every night last week
we had something going on, and this past weekend I was out of town on
Saturday and then on Sunday I made the big decision to do nothing.
That's right. N o t h i n g. I cooked a few meals and that was about
it. Matt brought home a bounty for me to concoct with. (from Whole
Foods, no worries, he does not go killing any Bambie's or Thumpers.) I
can't wait to find some time to finish up the recipes. I will post
them all for you as well. They all sound so yummy, some I've even made
before with great success.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are some videos that I've
uploaded, unedited mind you, of our little peanut.