Peanut's New Ride

We got it! We got the wagon! A great deal on Craig'slist..... thanks Mr. Somebody who had a shiny new wagon that he just did not need. It had never been used and we got it for half the price of a new one! It's already packed in the truck and ready for our weekend adventure at the cottage.

He loved it....


but then wasn't so sure....


so he decided to take a bite outta it....


and decided that, even tho my cooking was better, he loved it after all....

(sorry, this pic is a bit fuzzy, like my head most days!)

Ok, so off we go to our fun little cottage up in Gills Rock, Door County.... It's so provincial there that we don't even have internet access. Imagine that. I'll write more when I get back, I promise!




  1. 3 things:

    1) AWESOME about the wagon... sheesh you should check out craig's list more often!!! i cant believe it was brand new and half the price!! NICE!

    2) did you guys cut oliver's cute hair off?? :( or was it just brushed differently?

    3) i LOVE your looks so cute and cozy and i def need to stay there sometime!!!! :)

    xoxo megs

  2. I love the wagon!!! He's such a big boy!!!
    Hope you guys had fun this weekend! We sure enjoyed the amazing weather up there!!!

    Miss Jess


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