Labor Day weekend 2009 - part one

We had a great time! And we made it there and back without any scratches. Oliver accrued a few knee scrapes while we were enjoying the weekend, but other than that, everyone remained in tact. A few sneak peeks below and more to come.....

Newport State Park

newport state park

Whitefish Dunes State Park

(yes I'm showing his bee hind on the big "I".)

School House Beach in Washington Island

school house beach

Ostrich Farm, Washington Island

ostrich farm

ostrich farm
(Ostrich pix to follow in a later post.)

Newport Beach in Peninsula State Park

newport beach

Old fashioned fun in Washington Island

Kissing Daddy on the ferry back from Washington Island

o and d

Valmy, Door County

sunflower patch

Yum! Pizza!

pizza = good


  1. I love a naked baby! And the other pics are great too, looks like you had a lovely weekend.

  2. wow it looks like you guys had an amazing time!!! i 2nd robin in that i love a naked baby--that beach pic is just ADORABLE! you should photoshop it into black and white, write "beach bum" on it, and frame it! that would be the cutest!!!!!!! and i must say, i NEVER knew you loved photography so much!!!!! love all the pix and cant wait to see more :) xoxo megan


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