I've been revivied!

I have no images to show today, just a written picture of being restored, renewed and replenished. You see, to be a mom of my type, I need some sort of reparation every now and again to counteract the obsessive, worrisome, on-the-run-on-the-go, working, cooking, walking, talking, shopping, laundering, shoe-stylin' mom wife woman that I am. And that's just the tip of the ice burg. (berg?)

So, we traveled a few hours south to Michigan City and crammed 27 women into a 4 bedroom home (which, trust me, was pretty roomy if you ask me) and ate, studied, chatted, sang, danced, swam and more, and it filled me up to the point where I can come to work this Monday and be nice to everyone around me.

Not that I'm not nice. It's just that today I really mean it. I'm happy, joyous and free, and I feel it to the bottom of my soul.

Time away is a good thing. :)

PS. Oliver's shoes from Zappos were waiting for me when I got home! Gotta love Zappos.com!