Fall Shoes & Radio Flyer Wagons

Hi all,

I love all the cute little boy shoes out there. I decided that Oliver could use three pair of shoes for this fall/winter. One pair of boots and two pair of shoes: brown (for all the cute brown clothing he has) and black for the greys that he wears. I know. I'm indulging. I have a shoe fetish. I guess my son's collection is pure extension of my own compulsive collecting of anything resembling an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.

So in honor of the well-designed children's shoes out there, I thought I'd place pix of the shoes that I'm considering purchasing for Oliver. God bless Zappos.com for these wonderful photos!

Here's the black shoe:


Here's the brown / orange shoe:


And the winter boot:


Even the bottoms are oh-so-cute!



And if we were rich, I'd buy these too... Look at how well-designed and made they are!


UMI snow boot


Ok I'd show more but I've got to get squawking about these Radio Flyer wagons. I'm trying to decide between these two:

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Product Image   Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

5Product Image   Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

The price difference is minimal (maybe $20-30 between the two) and I just can't decide. However, today I saw on Craig's list that someone was selling the metal one for a pretty good price. So Oliver and I are going to look at it tomorrow night. Hopefully he wont sell it before then. I can't wait. We're going back up to Door County for Labor Day weekend, and this will be great to bring along. Now we can go biking, hiking, swimming, shopping, walking AND wagoning! FUN. (shhhh, don't tell Oliver this, but I also bought him a kite today too! So we can add kiting to the list!)

If you have opinions on the two wagons, please comment and give me your suggestions!

OK, I couldn't resist. Here are a few more shoes for your viewing pleasure! :)

(We ended up buying these GEOX. They are sweet!)