Cedarburg Wine & Harvest Festival

Wow, S I X posts in a roll. SIX! That's a record! Not only for me but I'm sure for all mom bloggers around.

Today we were together as a family. I wait all week for these kinds of days. Matt works on Saturdays so we often can only spend a 1/2 day together on those days, and that's after Oliver's nap which leaves us very little time to do anything exciting. So Sundays are our day. I had the day mapped out. We had so much fun at Apple Hollar that I wanted to get to another family farm closer to us. It's actually called the Family Farm. But as we drove up we saw that it was closed for a private party. I was livid! I mean, come on?! A private party on a Sunday? What the heck? Didn't they know that we had waited all week to be together and we really wanted to go on a hay ride. Hello. Hay ride jerk *ff. (That's not really a bad word but this is a family blog....) As I was composing my nasty gram email in my mind, Matt suggested we drive into Cedarburg for coffee and walk along the river instead.

Sounded good to me. It took all I had in me not to leave a note on their door (they were not open yet) telling them how sad and disappointed my child was. (No matter that he was already fast asleep.)

We drove into Cedarburg, which if you are not familiar with it, is a town built around the turn of the century and has remained virtually unchanged since. The shops are adorable. The businesses are not the same as when the town was built, but the quaint feeling of SmallTown, USA is still there and charming as ever. Spas, eateries, galleries and more dot the Main Street. Even an old movie theatre.

Anyway, as we drove over the hill we saw upon us a fun, lively and colorful street festival. The rest is history. Family Farm who? Suddenly my bitterness disappeared, and we both knew that life takes those twists and turns. We are gently guided into places that are far better off than we could ever imagine if only we become willing to let go.

Today was just that sort of day.