We're Baaaaaack!

Hello friends,

We are back from a blissful, lovely week up in glorious Door County.
Everytime I go up there, I love it even more. So many things have
happened and I hope I'll be able to post the great pix and write all
about it here. I did dunk my new camera into Lake Europe for like 2
seconds which jammed and ruined my camera, possibly for good. I'm
hoping my pix on the card at least are salvagable. I did this in a
brief yet critical attempt to save my sons life as he fell face first
into the water and failed to bring himself back up. The water was only
12 inches deep and it all happened so quickly that it's hard to
remember the course of events. Suffice to say he lay there in the
water, face first, an image I cannot seem to get out of my mind which
cranked my adrenelen into high gear, the shock of which did not wear
off until I lay in bed that night staring at the ceiling, listening to
Matt snore away seconds after hitting his pillow. I was horrified at
the reality of the situation. I'm stunned still. I'm a bad mommy. Bad.
I can't seem to let that go. Ok, aside from that, (that site which I
hope to never ever see again)...... we had a wonderful week and I'm on
the war path today trying to figure out a way to work AND be a SAHM at
the same time. Miracle. I need a miracle.

So, pix on the way. More stories to follow.

I think next year I will order a lap top and WIFI for our little 400
sq foot cottage.

See ya soon! In the mean time, here's a beautiful picture of my sleeping boy.......see it larger here!

sleeping boy


  1. you are NOT a bad mommy missy! I know i shouldnt even have to tell you this but you ARENT! a bad mommy wouldn't let their son explore his surroundings in the first place and a bad mommy wouldn't have have been 3 feet away to rescue him and bring him to safety. so i'm pretty sure you're the exact opposite of a bad mommy :) *megs*

  2. I'll try to keep that in mind. I'm sure I'll get over this eventually!

    When I post the beautiful pix from that day, I'll feel guilty all over again. At least I didn't photograph him while he was face down! Now that would be controversial!



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