Oliver on the red chair

Oliver on the red chair, originally uploaded by pink_dot.

Yo, I'm testing working with my flickr.com account! Compare this image above with the same one posted via blogger's dashboard.

Ok this is fun! I'm learning how to upload my pix from iPhoto directly to flickr.com. Wonderful! I love the connectivity. After that I will be able to link to my pix on my flickr account which means fancier, crispy pix for you to view on my blog. No more degradative images which have been compressed to the point of "hunh? whaz that?"

So, I've figured out how to:

1. upload my images directly from iPhoto to flickr.com
2. create sets in the process
3. connect flickr to blogger
4. make my images in the blog better thumbnails and tweak the code in several spots
5. find the URL links to flickr images, adjusting that code as well
6. and lots of other things
7. which take all of my time.
8. darby, fly thru my window has no time to sleep, i'm sure. this took all morning.

the end. for now.


  1. Interesting. I have yet to set up a flickr account. Instead I just upload everything to my domain. I guess I should check it out. Good to know. Thanks!


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