My Little Flirt

I decided that since I did not have the opportunity to write about my week in Door County with Oliver alone (no daddy!), that I would write little tidbits about that time when I could sneak in the details.

On our way home from our Washington Island day trip, Oliver found the two most beautiful young girls, probably in the 9 - 12 age range to dally with. Mon peu flirte engaged in beguiling charm with the younger of the filles. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of her. But suffice to say, he has impeccable taste and he was delighted with our choice of seats!

Here's my flirt:




If you want to see more, feel free to check out the flickr set of his ferry ride with me. My little Peanut sat by my side the whole time and definitely enjoyed the wind in his face.


  1. He's irresistable, the little golden boy!

    How is it that toddlers understand how to use their charms with older women? It amazes me.


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