I will post, I promise

Hi Internet!

I will write again, soon, I will. Yet we are going on another
adventure in just a few moments. In the next two hours I will:

buy humus and other healthy snacks
get my brows done
pick up a bike
pack oliver's food for the weekend
box up a package to be mailed out
change clothes
find my blush and blush brush (where the heck could THAT have gone?)
finish packing
locate sunscreen and bug spray (organic of course)
visit with my dad
not argure with my husband (right)
not stress
leave home

oh, and don't forget to leave enough water and food for the cats!

We'll be in beautiful Green Lake Wisconsin sharing a beautiful rental
home with 10 others. I'm picking the quietest toys possible for my
temper tantrum high-pitched screeching son. If it wasn't for the fact
that we are the ones who rent the home and invite others to come up
for the weekend, I'm sure that we would not be invited back next year.
Hopefully Oliver will learn to scream in a different octave.

OK gotta run. Brows are actually first on the list!

See ya Monday, I promise!