Blue Monday

I'm just about to start work today at my job. While I enjoy what I do, I firmly think it would be better for me to avoid working Monday's all together. I think my own personal work week should start on Tuesday!

We had a ton of fun despite the cold weather this weekend. We broke out the fresh picked fall clothes and tried them on. I refuse to buy clothes that are too too big. These are big for my boy, but he is not swimming in them. The outfits are oh-so-cute. I'm a big big fan of Genuine Kids at Target. The clothes are well-designed, finely detailed, and quality-made. I love 'em! I throw in a few Old Navy, Cherokee, Carters (they make the best onsie's around!)and Tony Hawk (my new favorite line). I skip the Gap usually because of the price. I can't justify it! I also shop at Janie and Jack, but only for sale items. When I make my millions, then I'll consider paying full price there!

His color palette for the fall and winter are brown and orange, touches of blue, tan and hints of red too to spice things up a bit. See image below. We have not purchased any shoes yet but I've been a-shopping. The best shoes and prices are at I have about $500 in fall shoes in my virtual shopping cart. No worries. I'll remove all but one of them. I've got to get crackin' on that. It's cold up here in Wisconsin! Fall hit before summer even had a chance to bid un somptueux adieu.

Here's his Fall 2009 color palette:

Fall 2009 Color Palette

To recap briefly our events from the weekend:

  • We ate popcorn and watched To Catch a Thief at an outdoor theatre (Oliver loves Grace Kelly and the car chase scene, and I love Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock.)
  • We went to the park and played for a long, long time (Oliver thought it was much too short.)
  • We watched airplanes and hugged (We hugged every time a loud one came right over head!)
  • We threw rocks in the lake
  • We took a train ride
  • We met a few birds who flew right onto our popsicle sticks
  • We went to a picnic
  • We went to pot luck
  • We made some new friends and practiced jumping (even tho when he jumps his feet don't leave the ground) and shaking our heads like a headbanger.

Here're a few pix for the record:

Picture 20

Picture 19

Picture 21

And then we did some big boy things such as swinging onthe big swing. Going down the BIG slide. And going down the slide on our tummies. All things Oliver had never done before!

Picture 16

Picture 18

Picture 17