Did I mention

I love my new camera?


  1. what kinda camera is it?!? is it one of those fancy canon ones that everyones usin these days?! *megs*

  2. It's a Canon Rebel, XTi. Matt gave it to me as a birthday gift. It's refurbished. Not sure how much it was for him, but it was less than the $700-1100 price tag, that's for sure. The pix are awesome. You should get one someday. With the amount of pix you take, and with your talent, it would be an investment. You are so good with the photos you take. Not everyone has that. You should check out this Fly Thru My Window (I write about it above) b/c today she is letting peep ask questions about photography, then she'll have a pro answer the questions!

  3. yeah it seems like lots of people are getting canons now a days... i was wondering what was in that box that you received for your birthday when i was there lol ;)

    i do love photography but (NO JOKE) the cost of the camera is more than i make in a MONTH right now! in fact its about 1.5x what i make in a month!! horrible! lol but *sigh* one day........ :)

  4. Beautiful portraits! Love the complimentary colors... you have a great eye.


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