Four Beautiful Pix for a Boy's Room

These are just too precious.

I wish I had the biggest home of all so that I could make Oliver's room (and our whole home in fact) like a gallery. Yes, I think I would like to live in a gallery surrounded by conceptual and bejeweled paintings, prints, drawings and photos (but not that modern conceptual crap like a deer head in a barber's chair or a cow suspended from the ceiling draped with a string of pearls, or worse, a cat splayed spread-eagle and stapled to the wall.) I'm talking about artists who have a spiritual common ground with Henri Matisse or Mark Rothko. And I think it's time to dump all of the clutter from our home and start over with minimal tangibles in our lives. Less clutter. More art. Natural light. And all things bentwood. One Eames chair. One Barcelona Chair (in white of course). A beautiful chocolate lab named Cocoa or a Weinheimer named Charlie. Blonde-haired blue-eyed children running around barefoot and carefree — Oliver in an oxford shirt (untucked), his sister in her sleeveless flower dress playing polo in the back yard. Both displaying silky long hair, lightly kissed by the sun. A Viking stove nestled in granite and stainless. And a loving husband who adores me with trimmed toe nails and clean smelling feet. Oh..... lest I forget my Apple computer wherst I work from home at my business of remodeling and selling cottages in some up North town somewhere. Fresh organic produce in my modern halogen lit kitchen with bamboo flooring.


These images, btw, brought to you by where you can order a custom pint-sized replica of your own home for your pint-sized you to enjoy.

In my next (and shallow) life, I shall marry a millionaire for his money and his good looks and charming attitude. ;)




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