Cuisinart wont respond

I have written Cuisinart three emails now regarding the food processor
I purchased in Fall of 2008. I believe it contains BPA and I'm shocked
to finally have realized this so late in the game. I make all of
Oliver's food with this machine. I usually try to cool the food prior
to pureeing it, but that is not always the case. In addition, BPA can
leak into the food at very low temperatures and since I have washed
the plastic work bowl several times in the dishwasher, I'm certain
I've exposed my son to this toxic chemical.

Many people say BPA is safe since the Federal Government has not come out and banned this chemical. However, as I've written in other posts, 6 baby bottle manufacturers are removing BPA from their products. As well, the manufacturer of BPA has agreed not to sell the chemical to any company who's product will be used by a child who is 3 or under.

I'm unbelievably upset with Cuisinart. I had loved that tool and it's
been incredibly useful to me, practically indispensable. With each day
that passes without a response from them, my anger doubles. It is my
agenda to let other mothers and fathers know that these products are
not safe and that it appears Cuisinart does not care about its
customers' concerns.

I posted about this experience here:

And from December of 2008, the FDA has finally admitted that they were wrong to ignore the large body of research that disproved their original findings. Findings, I might add, that were done by research groups who were funded by the American Plastics Council.

Here's an excerpt from this lovely article: FDA to Reconsider Plastic Bottle Risk

The F.D.A.’s science board subcommittee on BPA, however, after receiving comments from an independent advisory panel, determined that the F.D.A. was wrong to disregard the large body of research showing health effects even at extremely low doses. The agency’s decision to reconsider was made public earlier this month.