A Beautiful Music Experience for Night or Morning

by Celine Dion

I'm not the biggest fan of Celine, but this album is really incredible. It's sweet, beautiful and luscious. I originally purchased only a few of the songs to start with so I could create a lullaby mix for Oliver. As I put the CD to work, I could see his little body relax as Celine's beautiful melodies and stunning voice carried my little guy from a playful alertness to a state of calm restfulness. Like magic actually!

And then I listened too. My own body started to slip away and my mind stopped thinking about the 1000's of things I had to get done. I had been ready to dive off the block to get going but then this melodic and calming voice with sweeping intonations pulled me back into the moment... peaceful, restful.... and I knew the world would be on pause for quite a while.

Her voice instantly calms and her accompanying orchestra gently plays along side her, graciously taking a back seat; the wistful guitar and peaceful piano weave beautifully with her own vocal strings.

I had to go back and purchase the rest of the album. I craved more of this generous state of blissful harmony, like an astronaut who floats weightlessly in space. I'd never thought Celine's music could be like this for me— whose musical taste runs across spectrum from French chill out music to the Black Crows. I compulsively bought the rest of the album and then ferociously searched for more from her other recordings. At last, I have a Celine compilation that will put even the most stubborn and restless to sleep.

My favorites vary with my mood, but I think the winner is Le loup, la biche at le chavalier which translated, is a story about a wolf, a doe and a knight. The doe is in the woods, alone, afraid of the wolf. But the knight comes along and holds the doe in his arms, so there will be two against the wolf. Of course, as a reward like all fairy tales have, the doe turns into a beautiful princess. Hmmm, I wonder if Oliver would relate to the princess or the knight? Actually, if he's like his father, he'll wanna be just like that flippin' wolf!

There's one more song to note, My Precious One. This song embarks on a sinuous journey between the violin and Celine's undulating voice. The last 55 seconds of this song are the best and if you are listening to this album, if nothing else transfers you into a serene hyper-state of being, then these last few moments of this song shall.