Trifecta of misery and pain

Things happen in threes and for Oliver, he's achieved a hat-trick of misery, leaving him clingy, cuddly and his parents brutally sleep deprived.

The signs were there, but new mom-ness prevailed as I ignored and rationalized them all away. Oliver's eyes, Blush and Bashful are puffy and pink (pink is his signature color). He's congested and sniffly. And he most probably has an ear infection. All this I passed off for other reasons, all the while, symptoms glaring me in the face. The fact that he woke almost every hour on the hour on Tuesday night had me thinking he was in desperate need of sleep training. I'm so oblivious! God help that little boy!

So yesterday I took off work, picked him up from daycare and we spent the day at home together. That was much more fun than being at work and one-more-time I blissfully dreamed of what it would be like to spend my days with Oliver instead of pixels and hex codes. I know the dream would end the minute it would come true and I'd go stir crazy for something more. Still, it breaks my heart that I have to leave him each day. I feel irresponsible, neglectful, self-centered and indulgently self-fulfilled.

Back to Oliver.... I made him chicken soup. He ate it all. He cuddled, climbed all over me, sat in my lap, nuzzled his head in my shoulders and then fell asleep in my arms. It was a sweet night. He slept thru the night which was a miracle. I'm glad he could catch up on his needed sleep.

I'm at work today. He slept most of the morning. He's on the mend. That's a good thing.

One more day at work and then I can be a mommy again.