Happy Birthday Oliver!

He's ONE! He's ONE!

His birthday was yesterday actually. He had a fabulous day altho he
really had no clue it was his birthday. We started the day with a
puzzle present. Then Stephanie came over to watch him (his new nanny) and she gave him a book. I went to work and then met him for lunch. We had a sweet little lunch meeting at a cafe. Then off to the library and bookstore he went, while I went back to work. During the day, his daddy picked out a new truck for Oliver. Oz loved it. However, he was more into his big ol' lunch box than that truck. He carted the box around for a while, twice as big, twice as heavy as he is.

At night I gave him a new book which he studied, then quickly bored of. ;)

He's big. He's tall. He's 30 inches and 22 lbs of love and joy and
energy. He does not want to quit playing at all. His world is new and
exciting and fun. And so is ours!