A Baby in Motion....

Tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction
unless an intervention of unbalance or a misplaced toy enables a
tumbling action, in which case, said baby in motion, unless utterly
and totally surprised or injured, props himself back up and continues
walking motion.

Yes, he's walking. And walking everywhere, unless he's of course not
in the mood in which case, he crawls around. And when he walks, his
arms are up as if there is an invisible mugger behind him with each
step. Yet that could not be the case because he smiles the whole time
he's walking, completely entertained by this new feat he has
discovered. He's enjoying each step. And he does not want to stop.

And now he's had his first black eye, walking right into his Sweet
Peace and boom! Down for the count. A few moments later the corner of his eye turned red and purple. Thank goodness it went away within the hour. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to call the police and report it. Seriously. When I asked another mom this, she just laughed, and she would not stop laughing! Hmmmmm, maybe it's a good thing I didn't report myself to the police. I guess.

So now he's eaten a bug (at least one) and had one black eye and he's scoured the feline delights too, I'm sure of it. I've been told he's all boy and I supposed these are some of the reasons why.

He's also big time into anything that has wheels, carting the wheeled
objects around the house, even under water in the tub. He's
experimenting with all of it.

And last night was the FIRST time he has let me turn the pages of a
book and let me read them to him without squirming. We even got to a
page with lots of objects on it and I tried to teach him "banana" and
"strawberry". This morning when he awoke, we opened the book again and I asked him to point to the banana and he did! Then I asked him to point out the strawberry and he did that too! Then, confident in his new vocabulary, he quickly got bored and went for the remote or some other shiny button-laden object on the side table and was over the strawberry / banana lesson. So be the priorities of an 11-month old.

But he's almost 1 and he's changing and growing so quickly! We still
adore his little hands and little feet. He's got cute curls and mile
long eye lashes. His blue blue eyes are just like his daddy's. And he
graces us with a smile that beams happiness from anywhere in the room. You can tell he's happy. He's definitely loved. He's provided for that's for sure.... cute as could be. And I'm so in love with my little bug.



  1. oh god, what a tear-jerking entry!!!!!!!!!!!! cant believe how fast he's grown :( i love that lil man!! xoxo Megan


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