Time for an update!

I'm back after yet another hiatus! I think I just have to make this a part of my routine else I will never find the time to post again! And to think I want to have another baby! Well, that is yet TBD, but anyway, I'm going to give a brief update:

1. Oliver has two more teeth coming in now. So total he has 4 chompers with which to bite me! yikes!

2. My breast milk comes and goes. Fenugreek is a wonderful supplement. And now I have this very cool 40 oz Klean Kanteen bottle to help me get my daily water intake.

3. In fact, I purchased TWO for Oliver! Check them out!

4. Oliver is following directions now.

5. Oliver plays "Sooooo big" now! Wow! (I would have never taught him that. He learned that in Day Care.)

6. I still HATE taking him to Day Care. It sucks. But it's what we have to do these days.

7. Oliver has a new nanny. She's nice. :)

8. We had Oliver blessed and named... an alternative to baptizing him. Photos to follow.

Lunch time is just about over so I have to go. I promise I will write more later.