Oliver ate his first bug today!

Oh my god!

I could not believe it!

It happened so quickly too! He put something in his mouth and about 8 seconds later I went in to see what it was. There was a little black thin thing in the back of his tongue and then he slammed his mouth shut. I played, "Say 'aaaaaaaah Oliver'" and modeled this behavior myself. It worked. The jaws unlocked and one more time I went in. This time it was orange with black spots! Oh my God! His mouth stank with an unpleasingly familiar smell. It reeked of squished lady bug (Japanese Beetles actually). It was a fresh yet deplorable scent, sort of like a cross between fresh morning dew and green peppers, neither refreshing nor appetizing.

It didn't seem to bother him in the least.

As for myself, I couldn't bear to look again for my greatest fear was being realized: he ate a bug and he actually swallowed it. And it squished apart in his mouth. Oh my god. I am going to be sick.