Lots of milk to no milk

Ok so each month I ovulate. And you know what that means, right? So, once a month my milk supply drops. It drops to piddly diddly squat. Like I go from pumping 6-9oz a day to 1-3 oz. And three is a good day!

That usually only lasts for one week and then it's back to normal. Well, three weeks ago it happened again. And my supply did not go back up. So last week Wednesday and Thursday I dropped tons of Fenugreek into my system. And on Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday, I had a ton of milk! It was great!

I kept taking the massive doses of Fenugreek. But on Monday I only pumped 2 oz! (not even, and OK, I totally forgot my 10 am pumping session). Today it's no different. I got only 2 oz at 10am. :(

And now I have my handy-dandy Klean Kateen bottle that I am filling up twice a day. So I'm definitely getting more than 1/2 of my body weight in ounces (of water). I just don't get it.

But today I'm not stressing. I have only one more month and then I'll have made it to the one year mark with breast feeding. And I was exclusively breast feeding until 6 months, so I reached that goal too. And...... I have never had to supplement with formula. Lucky me! And ...... Oliver is just as chubby as can be. So no deprivation there.

I'll keep you posted as to how it's going. I've been power-popping Fenugreek again today and yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow I'll pump like Elsie at the State Fair.

:) ciao for now!