yes, i'm still here

i know, i know. it's been a while. and yes, so much has happened, all good (altho the stroller has hit a few bumps in the sidewalk). :)

let's see, the short list:

1. christmas was a blast
2. oliver did not notice the tree
3. oliver got two cars for xmas AND... two bottom teeth! :)
4. oliver has more toys than he should
5. i had another weekend away from him and of course, he was feverish and sick
6. i still love my husband (that's good!)
7. work is still work
8. my (our) home is a complete mess
9. i still haven't found all my pre-prego clothes
10. it's colder than hell outside!
11. tomorrow we have a new president
but to keep things in perspective:
12. oliver is 10 months old today! wow! :)

Ok, he's crying and my home is still a mess and i promise i will try to commit to post more often.

ciao ciao!