He likes it! Hey Oliver!

Yes, I've been missing from the blogosphere for almost a whole month! And wouldn't you know, so much has happened? Here're the highlights:

  • Cottage is closed down

  • Oliver had a happy Halloween!

  • Oliver was a PUMPKIN! (see pix below!)

  • Oliver went trick-r-treating!

  • Oliver survived while Mommy went to Dallas and hung w/Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

  • Number four is true. I'm not exaggerating. (Much)

  • Oliver ate solids finally the weekend Mommy left town.

  • Oliver loves solids.

  • Oliver is on all 4's now (rockin' but not crawling)

  • Mommy's hair is a really dark dark brown now....

  • Oliver got his first ball (ok, this was at the end of September)

  • Oliver went hiking and we all avoided poison ivy! Yeah!

  • Oliver witnessed 10,000 ping pong balls being dropped from a helicopter onto the street.

  • Oliver still has no teeth

  • Oliver moved up into the big babies' room (the 6-12 months olds are in there)

  • Oliver has a new stroller (this was back in September... not sure if I wrote about it)

  • Oliver cries sometimes when Mommy leaves the room. Yeah! He loves me!

  • Oliver experienced the most warmest Nov 4th day since mommy was a baby herself! Nov 4th, 1964 the temp was 74 degrees (I was 3 months old). Nov 4th, 2008 was 73 degrees, a record high! Oliver is 7.5 months.

  • and the most amazing thing that has occurred thus far:

    1. Oliver witnessed the first African American President to be elected! Hurrah! Hurrah! Barak Obama is our new president! There is HOPE for Oliver's future!
    OK, that's all I can fit into this lunchtime post. More this weekend! Ciao!

    (my pumpkin)


    1. you didnt really get 2 hang with jessica did u? lol i know u did with tony, obviously, but i didnt know about jessica! if you did, u better have taken some pix or something cuz i wanna see LOL!

      p.s. my absolute faaaaavorite picture of oliver is the last one where he's in the leaves looking up! omg how adorable! idk what im gonna do when i gotta get a 'real' job and not babysit him anymore! you better have me over on the weekends or something lol!

      love u!!!! xoxo Megan


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